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Background verification is a necessity for Corporates to protect their businesses from all difficulties arising out of negligent hiring. It minimizes the cost of replacement hiring, which can be multiple times the salary of the post to be filled up. Background screening gives businesses a better quality of employee. Applicants with a history of undesirable conduct / drug abuse / Criminal Record / Fake Documents can be quickly identified and removed out, creating a safe and productive workplace for employees.

Our Indian operation presently has over 450 resources dedicated to Background Screening, and related research.
Clients in India include multi-national banking, finance and IT, organizations, operating BPO’s, retail, pharmaceutical and telecom.
Screening in India is generally focused on high volume BPO, financial service sector, recruitments or for IT back office operations.

Our experience and ability in handling such large volume assignments is unique. Our reputation has been built on value,professionalism, flexibility and responsivenesss.
Eagle Eye Enterprises LLP is now an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
Eagele Eye Enterprises LLPIN is AAC-7832

Why US?

Eagle Eye's network and updated database system has led to strong information integrity offerings to all its clients. Sensitive information like criminal background verification and credit history are conducted by local employees, a key factor for accurate employment background check.

Eagle Eye has developed professional relationships with police departments, courts, government bodies and educational institutions at local levels. This enables to retrieve information from sources which are comprehensive and authentic.

Eagle Eye has stringent data security practices that ensure sensitive information such as criminal background verification and credit history is well guarded and channeled only to relevant and authorised personnel.

Reports are stored on our secure database to facilitate trend analysis, success ratio and other matrices.

Our proprietary On-Line Screening System has been developed with the objective ofreducing management time that clients incur during the screening process. Internal management time spent administering this process can equal the cost of the outsourced vendor.

Our Mission

Create a enviornment which empowers and motivates its human resources to achieve Total efficiency Levels through participation in profitable growth and Expansion of the Company, delivering customised solutions to clients globally by Advanced technology and our team of best in class specialists.

Our Vision

EEE strives and focuses to become a leading global risk Management firm from India offering best in class solution to Corporates / firms all accross the Globe.